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Helpful Hints and Tips For Everyday life

Despite all the modern advances of these times we live in, our lives seem to get more complicated every day. After watching a young women dithering in helpless indecision over the endless array of cleaning products that were on offer in the local supermarket I wanted to share some of the tried and true household cleaning tips and tricks that an older generation took for granted.

From there it seems that everywhere I looked, expensively packaged beauty products jostled for attention, screaming their benefits from glossy mags, billboards and the tv..

What makes the whole shebang even more ridiculous is the regular marketing of home and beauty products which claim to have rediscovered arcane secrets of our forefathers, guaranteed to have your glassware sparkling, your hardwood floors gleaming, your hair glossy, your skin dewy and smooth and on and on.

There are products in every household cupboard which have natural cleansing and anti-bacterial properties. Virtuowl is dedicated to hardworking mothers and fathers everywhere who would rather save their hardearned pennies to spend on their children than on the latest over-packaged, over-marketed and over-priced lotions and potions that hit the supermarket.

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Natural Life, Health & Wellness

Natural Life, Health & Wellness

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Dream Interpretation

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